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April 2016

" Bizarre white rubber nurse Leila "

Format: 16:9, 50 mins. ,plus 30 mins. bonus material

language: german

The bizarre white rubber nurse Leila plays with rubber doll Victoria in the clinical room. Rubber cock doll Lisa must fix her on the gyno chair. The blind and helpless rubber doll is ready to use. Leila plays with her ashole and the wet cunt. A rubber slave helps her. Leila also alloweds him to fuck her in different positions, while rubber cock doll Lisa must blow and blow the hard cock from rubber nurse Leila….

Download format: WMV 750 MB

You can download the DVD here.


" Bizarre latex cum and pee treatment "

Format: 16:9, 50 mins., plus 20 mins. bonus mterial

language: german

Strict latex mistress Leila plays bizarre games with his latex slave Marcus. She wears several latex pieces during the treatment. Such as a kinky latex female mask, a latex catsuit with big tits, a long, wide latex skirt, two several latex aprons, an ankle long latex mac, several short and long rubber household gloves, and a pair of latex overknees with high heels. She tortures him with elecrtro stimulation, forced cum and pee swallowing, forced food eating, forced boot licking, forced orgasms while he is always captured in a latex bag or latex blow up bag..

Download format: WMV 560 MB

You can download the DVD here.


December 2015

" Fuckmachine "

Format: 16:9, 45 mins. , plus 20 mins. bonus material

language: german

latex mistress leila is well known as a hard and merciless governess. But latex maid nina doesn`t care at all.
In the opposite, instead of cleaning up the mess in the kitchen, as leila commanded,
she enjoys herself playing with leila`s latex cape and is getting really horny. Her mistress is away for two hours.
So she has enough time. She even puts on the latex cape and makes it really dirty with her pussy juice.
After that, she is just relaxing in the messy latex cape. But suddenly latex mistress leila is standing in front of her...

Download format: WMV 742 MB


September 2015  

" Kinky rubber clinical treatment " 

Format: 16:9 in hd, 60 mins. , plus 10 mins. bonus material

language: german

leila, a bizzare rubber doctor, has specialised herself in her rubber clinic on the rubber treatment of rubbercock dolls.
She is assisted by her horny rubbercock nurse Nina. Once more rubbercock nurse nina hands a rubbercock doll,
who's wrapped up in a lot of rubberlayers , to rubber doctor leila.
Enjoy very close the bizarre rubber treatment of the rubbercock doll...

Download format: WMV 943 MB

" Bizarre plastic salon "

Format: 16:9 in hd 50 mins., plus 20 mins bonus material

language: german

plastic mistress amanda has a real perfidious idea. Plastic maid nina has to completely wrap up leila in black foil.
Now leila is sitting on the hairdressers chair with her eyes covered and left to the mercyof her mistress.
What kind of vulgarities is plastic mistress amanda thinking about? Will nina execute all her orders without hesitation?

Download format: WMV 730MB 

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