Dear bizarre lovers

My name is Leila, i’m a transvestite and active in the bizarre scene since 1995.
In the meantime I’ve built a world for me on my own.
This world is characterized by passion, pleasure and harmony.


I have a peculiar taste

I like it extravagant, elegant, sophisticated, funky, fancy and unique.
The more bizarre it is the better feeling is it for me.
But I also put emphasis on style. But that alone isn’t enough for me. So also my spoiled side gets a chance.
These two elements are very important for me, for me they belong together.
And besides all this the health of everybody got always highest priority.


I’m the director, create the fetish clothes as well as the equipment and act as a model and an actress.

There will be always staged sophisticated role playing games.
In these I once act as the merciless latex Mistress, once as a bizarre rubber doc or also as a mummy in plastic.


Variety is an important thing for me.

I love this kind of work very much, because I’m able to give full scope of my creativity.

There is no limit and I never have to take care of trends and the Mainstream.