Dear bizarre lovers

We cherish a thoughtfulness philosophy

It's important for us, that you are able to feel real emotions, real sensuality, real devotion and real passion in our films.


Our productions are also totally special in other aspects

Most of all we attach great importance to satisfy you 100%

At the time there are 4 Main fetish trends actually, which are latex, full rubber, plastic and nylon smocks.


For the enthusiasts of latex the outfits of latex will be brightly polished. Long and short hand latex gloves, latex garters, latex apron, latex mask, latex coat, latex cape, latex bag, latex corset, latex scarf, latex skirt, latex maid coustume, latex doll dress, latex catsuit, latex overall, latex nurse costume and many more is employed of device during a production. Additionally extreme make-up, wig, real nylons, overknee boots and high heels.

For the enthusiasts of full rubber we make sure, that during the whole film all actors wear consequently two- or multilayered rubber. Rubber mask, rubber discipline mask, gas mask with tube, rubber coat, rubber cape, rubber apron, rubber overall, rubber scarf, rubber waders, rubber boots, rubber gloves, household rubber gloves, rubber chemical gloves, rubber maid costume, rubber doctor overall, rubber nurse costume, rubber skirt, rubber doll dress, rubber catsuit, rubber suit, inflatable rubber mask and a lot more of rubber equipment find a use.


For the enthusiasts of plastic we ensure that preferably many outfits of plasic will be used, also multilayered. Besides of plastic coat, plastic overall, plastic mask, plastic apron, plastic scarf, plastic mini outfit, plastic negligee, plastic gown, plastic cape aso we also wear household rubber gloves, real nylons and overknee boots will be deployed.


For the enthusiasts of nylon smocks we mix rubber and nylon smocks, with netstocking masks, nylon scarfs, rubber boots and rubber household gloves.

We consciously abandon of music in our clips. This has no place in fetish- and bizarre clips.

We have the opinion, that the wonderful rustling of rubber or plastic, but also the horny moaning or the clatter of steel heels should be given priority. This applies also for the opening and final credits.

Equally place value on skilful and sophisticated sex blah. It increases additionally the lust.